Award competitions



Three Poster Awards (first, second and third place certificates) will be given to top presentations. The Poster Award Committee will judge all posters during the Poster Sessions (13th and 14th, September 2017).



Out of all qualifying abstracts submitted by junior scientists (Every person, irrespective of age, with a maximum of 5 years of post-doc experience (or equivalent, e.g. intern/resident etc.)), five top submissions will be selected to the final European New Investigator Award Competition (ENIAC) round at the 2017 ESS Congress in Paris (September 13-15, 2015). All qualifying abstracts will be scored on merit in a blinded manner by five international expert judges (members of European Shock Society). The judges will be selected only after abstract submission process has been closed to avoid any conflict of interest. Five finalists will present their work in a ten-minute presentation followed by a short Q&A session with a panel of five judges on Thursday, September 14th, 2017. Only the top three places will be ranked according to the total score received. Winner will be recognized with a plaque and a cash award of €600. Second place will receive cash award of €400 and third place of €200. Only one abstract per applicant will be accepted. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for awards.



This award is funded by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Critical Traumatology (LBI) in Vienna, Austria in commemoration of the institute’s founder and its first director, Dr. Günther Schlag.
The Award (500 € cash and certificate) is given to an outstanding European junior to mid-level researcher (no higher than Assistant Professor rank) in the field of critical care and shock research. The selection is made by the LBI executive committee based on the merit of the submitted abstract and the candidate’s overall professional development. No separate application is required.



To facilitate high participation of young/new scientists, a total of 10 travel grants of €500 will be provided by the European Shock Society to junior investigators (Every person, irrespective of age, with a maximum of 5 years of post-doc experience (or equivalent, e.g. intern/resident etc.)) based on scientific merit of the submitted abstract. Only one abstract per applicant will be accepted.


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