Sepsis 2017: New Successes, New Challenges

Sepsis 2017 is the ISF’s 11th annual Symposium.  Sepsis 2017 will be held at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France and will precede the XVII Congress of the European Shock Society (ESS).  We are expecting an audience of 300 delegates from around the world for Sepsis 2017.  Past symposia have attracted delegates from more than 40 countries.  The official language will be English.

Sepsis 2017 and ESS will be held back to back with the ability to participate in Up-close and Personal Workshops on the 11 September at the Hotel Concorde Montparnasse preceding the main sessions of Sepsis 2017 at the Institut Pasteur.

Sepsis 2017 will feature presentations by international experts, who will cover the most important topics of sepsis, spanning the spectrum from cutting edge basic science research to clinical aspects and trials.

Sepsis 2017 is an excellent opportunity to become up-to-date on everything that currently is going on in the field of sepsis!  In addition, there will be ample possibilities to present own scientific work and to informally interact with ISF council members during poster sessions.

You can register for Sepsis 2017 and choose 2 workshops to participate in (the workshops are optional) on conference Website: http://internationalsepsisforum.com/sepsisconferences


You can also register  here at a discounted price if you choose to attend both meetings [Sepsis 2017 and ESS 2017].


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